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Marco, how did you interpret the slip-on this season?

Dressing it entirely in small ton-sur-ton crystals: blue or black, the glitter effect is guaranteed. And then, having fun with the contrasts, as I usually do ... To finish Amber, I chose an oversized bow that enhances the wearer's feminine soul, playing with the sober, essential gymnastic shape.



You have a weakness for reinterpreting the sneaker...

In fact, I have a soft spot for clean, classic shapes: I think of shoes and I see a loafer, a lace-up, a sneaker, a sandal. The beauty, then, is to make each model an absolutely original interpretation, every year. In this collection, the sneaker is a triumph of micro crystals, like a starry summer night. When you look up and make a wish ...



And what outfit do you imagine?

Something sober, just to give the amber glitter soul all the attention it deserves. Super bare ankle with a dark denim skinny pant: basic, rigorous. If you love a little rock touch, choose a black biker jacket. If instead you prefer to enhance your more feminine soul, a micro down jacket will be perfect. Better light colored, combined with the light of the crystals on the upper.


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