#backstage n.3 / One shoe, so many pieces!

#backstage n.3 /  One shoe, so many pieces! - Marco Moreo Milano

Did you know that a shoe can consist of up to 40 components?

We’re used to thinking about the upper, the sole, maybe the insole at a push... But if you take a closer look at a shoe, you’ll discover a thousand stitches, inserts, overlays, coverings, accessories and more. 

Yep, all it takes is careful examination to reveal details that may appear insignificant but are actually essential.

A shoe is subject to thousands of stresses – with every step, it has to accommodate the shape of your foot, the weight of your body, the motion of your stride, the conditions underfoot... And there’s more besides! A shoe has to be comfortable, easy to slip on, soft yet supportive, and protective for your foot

In today’s meeting, we’re looking at a specific detail. We’re thinking of customising the leg of a biker boot – intertwining the unusually long laces, starting just above the ankle and criss-crossing them all the way up the leg.

I think the effect is really cool, but let’s face it – it’s not very practical, is it? You don’t want to be driven mad tying laces every morning, do you?

By this evening, I know we’ll have come up with a solution that stays true to the original idea without compromising on comfort too much. Then, we’ll test it on a prototype. I have half an idea about trying it with hooks and a zip…

I promise I’ll show it to you as soon as we’ve fine-tuned it!

Ciao! ❤️