Let’s have a chat with Marco Moreo: knowing the brand means knowing a little bit too.

That typically Italian look – a well-crafted casual style – Marco is often “buried” in his phone. No, he isn’t playing games – he’s just taking the opportunity to screen his latest shoot. That’s what Marco is like: a perfectionist, super committed, supporting his staff (a team he has put together over a thirty-year career), discussing, dispensing tips, bestowing praise. And yes, he’s a nitpicker! 


«I started thanks to my father: he was a footwear salesman and even as a kid he would take me on his travels. I knew his clients, his colleagues, I entered that world like an insider. It was the best way to get to know the industry that was to become my world.

When I was just 20 years old, I created my own brand named after me – Marco Moreo – and I showed my first collection on my father’s trade show stand. I became very excited, and I understood that this was the right way forward: to create collections independently, to choose my own style, my own language, to give free rein to my creativity (and, naturally, that of my employees).

The real turning point came in the 1990s, when sales doubled and we expanded our brand to Great Britain and Ireland, and then Belgium, Nederland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and Sweden... I was right to want to stand on my own two feet. After all, I know a lot about feet.” ;)


«Perhaps the funniest thing is that not everyone knows Marco Moreo is an actual person, not just an Italian brand with an Italian name. Here I am in the flesh! [yes, we can testify to that: Marco really does exist, and he’s a nice guy too].

Another perhaps surprising thing is that sometimes, in the evening, I reply to people directly on our social media profiles – obviously using a pseudonym ;) I like having a handle on the situation: listening directly to the people who have chosen to buy a pair of MarcoMoreo shoes is a great way to stay connected with the most important part of any business: satisfaction.»