#83 – Once upon a time, there was Capri... ❤️

#83 – Once upon a time, there was Capri... ❤️ - Marco Moreo Milano

A grazing flock of sheep, dotted among the stones overhanging the sea. Looking after then is Lucia: a young girl wearing old-fashioned clothes – her ankle-length skirt reveals her bare feet. All around is silence and stillness. It is 1914, and no one would ever guess that this scene is filmed on Capri, today the most fashionable of the Italian islands...


After Caprera and Capraia, keeping with the alliteration today I am taking you to Capri!

A destination for jet-setters and aristocrats from all over the world, Capri has been a popular destination since Roman times. Roman Emperor Tiberius even had 12 villas built there, three of which you can still visit today. Of course, we’re talking about archaeological sites, but I highly recommend visiting Villa Jovis, Villa Damecuta and the Baths of Tiberius.

As well as a stop “in Piazzetta” – you can’t say you’ve truly experienced Capri without having enjoyed an aperitif at one of the famous cafés around this delightful, little square. All extremely sophisticated! On my visits, I would spend hours people-watching, admiring outfits and poses, jewellery, hats, hairstyles...

But back to 1914. Our barefoot shepherdess is not a figment of my imagination, but rather a character from a scene in Capri-Revolution, a recent film that has a special place in my heart.

Set at the turn of the First World War, it tells the story of two sides of the same island: on the one hand, the ancestral Capri, devoted to sheep farming; on the other, the perfect home of Karl Diefenbach, a German artist, naturist and pacifist, who settled here for a few years, founding a community of young artists, all of foreign nationalities. 

In the film, nature is everywhere, wild and dominant: among goats, pastures and scrubland (Lucia’s world), and among caves, woods and the sea (the world of those visionary, free and unconventional artists).

We see the complex relationship between these two realities that are worlds apart, and the inevitable attraction between polar opposites.

The photography is spectacular: stony landscapes, cobalt blue sea (what a great place to go diving!), caves and countless gorges that reveal hidden worlds where you can take refuge...

In short: for me, it is a fantastic film! For you, it offers a unique view of Capri, without having to move from your sofa. Still with a pair of MarcoMoreo shoes on your feet, though... 😉

Lots of love, ciao! ♥️