#3 / Along the lakefront

#3 / Along the lakefront - Marco Moreo Milano

While you #stayhome, slip on a virtual pair of MarcoMoreo and get ready to "step out", at least in your imagination.

I’ll take you to meet Jenny, my right arm woman. Jenny loves spending her weekends on Lake Como, surrounded by views that are among the most famous images of Italy.

Perhaps the reason why George Clooney has chosen the eighteenth century Villa Oleandra as his summer residence since 2002. Over the centuries, many other villas have also been built on these shores, famous for their gardens bursting with glorious colors and scents, especially in summer. Some of them have been turned into luxury hotels, others are owned by foundations that have restored them and can now be visited.

Jenny is waiting for us in Cernobbio for a walk along the beautiful lakefront to fill your lungs with the blueness of the water and sky: wait until you see the view!

Then we’ll take a stroll around the medieval old town, along streets that wind between ancient buildings. We’ll enjoy a typically Italian atmosphere, an enchanting experience punctuated by the sound of our steps... I do love Cernobbio!

And for lunch, I have a wonderful idea: we can pop into a nice little restaurant to enjoy the local specialties, obviously featuring fish from the lake. I always have misultin, freshly caught, they are rubbed with salt and left to rest for a couple of days then air dried and stored in tins with laurel leaves. They are delicious eaten with polenta

And now for a rest. See you in a couple of days for another walk around Italy with MarcoMoreo.