#2 / About fashion and design

#2 / About fashion and design - Marco Moreo Milano

Continuing our imaginary journey, today I’m taking you to my home town of Milan.

In addition to being the industrial capital of Italy, and the headquarters of the Corriere della Sera, the country’s most widely read newspaper, Milan is famous worldwide for its design and fashion. So, wear a virtual pair of MarcoMoreo shoes and enjoy our virtual walk!
Next stop: Milan!

And for its cutting-edge restaurants: in fact it’s the best place to open a restaurant as a lot of people pass through the city, both from the rest of Italy and from all over the world. It is our business city and, therefore, the most international.

But there are also many traditional restaurants in Milan where you can enjoy the local cuisine. Alongside the cotoletta (breaded veal cutlet), the most famous dish is Risotto giallo (yellow rice) colored with saffron, which gives the rice its typical fragrance.
A knob of butter, some grated Parmesan cheese, and you’re done. Diners with more robust palates like it as an accompaniment to ossobuco, braised veal shanks: meat and rice together, in the same dish, quite a challenge...

Enjoy! Now let’s put your shoes away, #stayhome and keep in touch for the next walk around Italy!