#4 / The Great Beauty

#4 / The Great Beauty - Marco Moreo Milano

Continuing on our imaginary walk, let’s take a stroll around the center of Rome wearing a virtual pair of MarcoMoreo!

Can you hear them? Our steps echo on the cobbled streets of Italy’s capital city. In Rome, cobblestones are known as sampietrini, named after San Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. Starting in Rome, over the centuries they have become a feature of many historic Italian roads. 

Step by step, we’ll eventually come to one of the Eternal City's thousands of trattorias, where I recommend you try a lovely Carbonara: spaghetti, egg and bacon, simple ingredients that have made it one of the most famous pasta recipes in the whole of Italy.

Now let’s put the shoes away, #staysafe and keep in touch for the next walk around Italy!