#35 / A languid atmosphere

#35 / A languid atmosphere - Marco Moreo Milano

After Varese, #awalkwithMarco was again lucky enough to enjoy a real, live location today: in fact, we went to Como for the second shooting of the Collection.

The Lake and its languid atmosphere offer a setting that not only has the feel of a holiday but also evokes another era of leisurely days spent in nature: an ideal set for the Spring-Summer Collection. Neoclassical villas mirrored in the water, walks along the lakeside to the slow rhythm of swans and ducks lazily drifting with the current, a tranquillity that slows everything down and creates a new, regenerating rhythm. And how deliciously warm it was today! It really feels like an early spring. But as you know, we're quite familiar with the sun ;)

Weather aside, the location for our set is also worth mentioning. We truly spoilt ourselves choosing Hilton Lake Como, an ultra-modern hotel furnished with exceptional pieces of interior design – Italian, of course. And so we marvelled at shooting our (irresistible) shoes among sofas, armchairs, tables, vases, lamps, stools, poufs, chaises longues, all proudly bearing the name of masters of design whose headquarters are in Brianza, an industrial area between Lake Como and Milan: Meda, Desio, Cantù, just to name a few of the most famous areas. And then what amazing materials there were in these rooms! Different woods, linens, leathers, and then immense rugs – fluffy surfaces to softly walk on. 

Speaking of walking: at lunchtime I took a break from the set and stretched my legs along the Lake – impossible not to enjoy this beautiful body of water. And so I went for a stroll along the Lino Gelpi Promenade, immersed in nature and architecture: boxwood hedges precisely sculpted with perfect angles by expert gardeners, followed by the densest, tallest maritime pines, in addition to the cypresses and azaleas and magnolias...

And then I came across Villa La Rotonda. In 1797, four years after its inauguration, it hosted Napoleon on a visit to Como. Who knows if he was enchanted by the oval hall that protrudes from the façade and faces the Lake, giving the Villa its name? I don't know about him, but I was enraptured! Today it is home to the offices of the Province – I think I would have serious problems concentrating if I had a view like this at work every day... ;)

As it's lunchtime, I seize the moment and sit down on a bench to enjoy a snack, entranced by the beauty of the Lake and its floating, relaxing rhythm. No, I'm not eating seaweed but a slice of liver mortadella, a typical salami from the foothills between Piedmont and Lombardy. Do you know why it's called mortadella? Because before the meat (pork, with the addition of chopped liver) was stuffed into its casing, it was chopped and crushed by hand using a mortar. I’m not sure if they use the same process nowadays, but I do know that it's quite delicious!

And now it's time to get back to the set: you can't spend the entire day dreaming or eating mortadella... See you soon, as always #staysafe, and enjoy my usual hug. Ciao!