#41 / Let’s contemplate the sea – ah no, it’s the lake!

#41 / Let’s contemplate the sea – ah no, it’s the lake! - Marco Moreo Milano

Here we are again, back on track! As I mentioned last time, there’s no imaginary stroll today: I’m going to tell you about a real trip.

For our last photo shoot of the Collection, we’ve come to Lazise, on the south-eastern shore of Lake Garda. This little town is splendid, and I also had heard great things about Corte Valier, a super-chic hotel with a swimming pool, spa, gardens and maritime pines right on the water; it will be perfect for a few more intimate, private shots. Everyone has been very kind and extremely accommodating, and we have been made to feel at home. By the way, how nice would it be to really have a pool like this at home? Hmm, I fear I shall have to sell several more MarcoMoreos…

Never mind, let’s take comfort by the Lake, which is truly immense. After all, it's the largest lake in Italy; it’s impossible to see the opposite shore from many points around the lake, and you honestly feel like you're standing at the seaside. The wind makes this sensation even more believable when it blows here, often and rather cheery. And what vegetation! Centuries-old pine trees, olive trees, palm trees… 

As we shoot, we catch glimpses reminiscent of the Amalfi Coast, or Liguria or the Tuscan coast. On second thought, I haven't taken you to Maremma yet: I'll make it up to you soon. In fact, it’s an ideal destination in summer. ;)

But let's get back to Lazise, to its marina with multicoloured boats, simple like split walnut shells, to the cafés and restaurants with outdoor areas (finally open!!!!!!!), to the alleys stone-paved in the finest Italian tradition, to the little town squares, and the building façades, some brightly coloured and others made of stone, a touch more serious, austere, elegant…

Then there's the lakefront with the Belle Époque street lamps, the old customs building directly facing the water (from the 14th century, it’s quite beautiful with its typical crenelated façade), the granite benches: they just had to be used for a few shots of our sandals and then enjoyed for a quick break (at least for me, while the crew continues to shoot nearby) to contemplate the sea – ah no, it's the lake! – and the white ripples, and all those shades of blue reaching from the water all the way up to the sky!

And the restaurants… Everyone works better with a full stomach, so I gather the crew to all take a break together in the sun, sitting around a beautifully laid table.

Some choose Carbonèra (polenta mixed with cheese from nearby Monte Baldo); some Carne salada (flavoured and marinated slices of beef, eaten both raw and cooked); others Tinca (the very tender and local fish of Lake Garda); and others still Broccolo di Torbole (a delicious cauliflower dish). We all drink excellent Lugana, a perfect white wine to send everyone back to the shoot in a good mood.

We’re all finally enjoying that air of normalcy, and we're all infected with enthusiasm and a great mood.

Did we infect you too? See you soon, ciao!