#33 / A toast to our friendship

#33 / A toast to our friendship - Marco Moreo Milano

I was thinking, I’ve been scouring Italy with #awalkwithMarco for almost a year. With all that coming and going, I’ve never got round to telling you how pretty Montecosaro is – the ancient village where our production is based. I mean, we’re not exactly right up there inside the 14th-century walls – that wouldn’t be too practical… ;)

Besides, I don’t have much free time these days – the new Collection is pressing and there are just a few days left until we go online. You’ll see!

So I won’t venture too far today, and just take you for a stroll through our cobbled alleyways – another example of the hidden jewels provincial Italy offers. Everybody knows Venice, Florence, Rome and Lake Como… but who, even in Italy, can say they’ve ever been to Montecosaro?

OK, enough small talk: let’s go!

Listed as one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy”, Montecosaro is perched on a small hill, protected by a wall that has stood for 800 years: a stunning image when viewed from the valley, its silhouette is characterised by towers and bell towers with their typical onion domes, the apse of the Collegiate Church of San Lorenzo and traditional stone or brick buildings with tile roofs. It’s extremely evocative when outlined against the blue, almost cobalt, sky. There I go, already in full contemplative mood ;) 

Let’s head to the historical centre and take a look at the Collegiate Church: the 12th-century crucifix and 15th-century fresco of the Madonna del Latte – with the relatively rare subject of the Madonna breastfeeding her child – are both astoundingly beautiful.

Then let’s linger a little while longer in the square of the Collegiate church and admire the Palazzo dei Priori – then the 19th-century Teatro delle Logge. Monuments aside, it’s lovely to just wander around the steep, cobbled streets, which then widen out onto small, more open areas with plant-covered facades, obsessively curated and incredibly authentic… Such silence, such peace!

You know what the perfect ending to this short stroll would be? A toast to our friendship. I love bringing a touch of humanity to the digital world: I know that if you’ve read this far then we’ve built up a certain bond, wandering far and wide together over the past few months… eh? Right?!

What shall we drink for our toast? We’re spoilt for choice here in Le Marche: with our Verdicchio, Pecorino and Passerina wines, we often risk coming home drunk ;)

Well, after a glass of Passerina di Offida, I really must get back to work. Remember: keep on being careful and #staysafe.

“See” you soon and hugs