#76 / Remember the Tremiti Islands?

#76 / Remember the Tremiti Islands? - Marco Moreo Milano

It was July 2020 and, especially for #awalkwithMarco, I was embarking on my first real trip after the lockdown that spring. Choosing the Tremiti Islands was a brilliant idea: not too crowded, blossoming with nature, a relaxed atmosphere and an air of yesteryear. A journey with a slow, laid-back, enveloping rhythm, after all those months of forced isolation.


Our tour of the islands of my memories would not be complete without the Tremiti Islands, where we now return, two years later. In particular, we’re heading to San Domino.

That summer of 2020, we timidly began to travel again, most of us choosing short-haul destinations: many Italians stayed in Italy, which, of course, was far from a great sacrifice; it wasn’t difficult to find destinations that could live up to our expectations. I left from Le Marche and arrived in Termoli. From there, I embarked for that beautiful Adriatic archipelago, just off the coast of the Gargano peninsula.

The crossing to San Domino takes just over an hour: I spent the entire time on deck taking in the view of the sea, sky and seagulls – that familiar squawk immediately catapults me into holiday mode.

I was anxious to let my hair down and lose myself in the wind and the aroma of salt water... The two months spent in lockdown had been tough; I understood the need for it, but locked up at home I really did feel like a caged lion – I’m used to a life always on the move.

When I arrived in San Domino, what a surprise! There are no cars there, you have to travel everywhere on foot, making it the perfect place for #awalkwithMarco! I calmly walked around to get my bearings in that beautiful paradise: immersed in an almost unreal silence, the pace of life slowed significantly compared to the hustle and bustle of the city.

And those colours! The Aleppo pines, the blinding white of the façades and the rock on which the buildings stand, and then, of course, the sea winking at you from every angle... WOW!

The island is all up and down hill, making it a real workout... And so, after all those steps I took off my (beloved) shoes and enjoyed a trip on a small, traditional gozzo boat, choosing a slow pace even on the water, just like the local fishermen.

I remember the crystal-clear sea in a thousand shades of blue, green and turquoise, followed by caves wedged in the white rocks, and then small, practically deserted beaches – inaccessible by land.

Similar to Carloforte, the atmosphere in San Domino is understated and familiar, far removed from the mundane. It is the ideal place to live in harmony with nature, to catch your breath, and to make peace with the world.

Tempted? Lots of love, have a great Sunday! ❤️