#26 / Joking aside

#26 / Joking aside - Marco Moreo Milano

Our virtual journey continues, want to come along?

Well make yourself comfortable as we’ve going to spend this autumn Sunday taking a trip through the vineyards of the Marche, my home region. I wasn’t born here, nor do I live here. But I spend a lot of time in this splendid region half-way between northern and southern Italy, with the sea on one side and hills on the other, rich in history and traditions: as you may already know, our production plant is in the Marche - which is why it's my second home.

I just love the mild autumn climate here, with the sun peeping through the slowly browning leaves. Soon the wind will come and sweep them away in a flash, and with them this beautiful Mediterranean temperature. But winter has its charm too, right? In fact, if the weather never turned cold, you wouldn’t be able to sport a nice pair of boots (by MarcoMoreo of course)… ;))

Yes, I know, I’m digressing! Let’s get back to our trip through the vineyards. In fact, I’m already in the car and making my way towards Ancona, or rather Morro d’Alba, an area dedicated to growing the lacrima grape, a native black variety that people tell me is very good. Let's see if it's good enough to make you cry?! Joking aside [lacrima means tear in Italian], I've arrived at my destination. I didn't take the motorway: the local road through Jesi allowed me a more relaxed, Sunday mood, drive to contemplate the landscape. I virtually spent more time stationary than on the move!

The Marche region is like that: a succession of rolling hills carpeted in a thousand different shades from green to red, brown and yellow depending on the season. The hills are covered with vegetation and criss-crossed by vineyards arranged at right angles or aslant, their rows like the weft and warp of a regular, relaxing, beautiful weave.

Now that the fall is here, the vines are reddish, almost chestnut-colored: the bunches were harvested a few weeks ago and the grapes are macerating or already resting, waiting for the miracle to take place that transforms the must into wine;)

So let’s have a taste of this Lacrima di Morro wine, what do you say? Obviously I’ll stop off in Morro for a nice glass of this fruity red wine. An ancient wine, known as early as the twelfth century, when it was offered to Frederick Barbarossa: "Morro grape juice" was among the delicacies destined for the emperor.

I decide to enjoy it with a few slices of the Fabriano larded salami, another local specialty. Made only with the leanest parts of the pig (obviously from the Marche!), it includes chopped lard and is aged for a few months without any additives: all it needs is the microclimate of the area around Fabriano – a beautiful town, I'll take you there.