#backstage no.10 / The Internet never sleeps...

#backstage no.10 / The Internet never sleeps... - Marco Moreo Milano

That Monday morning feeling is all the more real for Valeria, our Ecommerce manager born in 1997.

Valeria, who coordinates all our online orders, knows that on Monday she has to put her nose to the grindstone to process everything that has been sold over the weekend, when our offices are closed but the website is, by definition, fully operational.

Because while the internet never sleeps, we humans need some rest – otherwise who knows what we’d send with your orders...

All jokes aside, it’s our Valeria who juggles production, planning and warehousing. Put simply, she’s in charge of fishing out what we have offline and launching it into the dazzling online world.

She’s the person who checks that the photos of the various models are correct, as well as the descriptions: detailed, exhaustive, engaging. Not forgetting making sure everything runs smoothly for each shoe: the same model can in fact come in different materials and colours, each with dedicated photos and descriptions...

But that’s not all! She’s the one who manages any returns (which are very few and far between, fortunately!), as well as the contracts with couriers around the world... In a nutshell, she’s the person who coordinates the thousand and one tiny details that all have to come together perfectly so that you can receive the exact pair of shoes that stole your heart right to your doorstep.

Tenacity, concentration, timeliness, organisation, enthusiasm: all skills that Valeria deploys non-stop, well beyond Monday!

Thanks, Vale! ♥️