#backstage no.9 / A lifetime at Moreo!

#backstage no.9 / A lifetime at Moreo! - Marco Moreo Milano

It was back in 1996 when a young student arrived at the company for a post-diploma internship.

Bright-eyed and full of youthful enthusiasm, she was super speedy at dealing with a whole host of different, even urgent, situations. Empathetic, helpful – and to think she was just a young girl… Jenny was already going the extra mile before she was even officially part of our team!

After a few months, that internship turned into a job – and who would have let go of such a fantastic employee?! 

Jenny has worked at Moreo ever since – since 1 January 1997, to be precise. These years have transformed that very young intern into my alter ego.

From business strategy to administrative coordination, from budgets to shoe names (not to mention opinions on the Collections during the creative phase), there is no decision in the company that I don’t share with Jenny. More than a sales director, she’s my right-hand woman. And my left too!

Jenny works at our HQ in Le Marche, where we produce every single shoe in our Collections. She’s the one who stands in for me when I can’t be there. During the most critical moments, she says she feels like my “punchball”.

After all these years, as well as taking the blows, she has also become our historical memory – apart from me, she is now the “oldest” in terms of company seniority.

[Come on, Jenny: I did say in terms of company seniority!]

From the youngest to the “oldest”: it’s quite a record, isn’t it?