A glass half full

A glass half full - Marco Moreo Milano

As the saying goes: “April showers bring May flowers”. It’s a popular way to express optimism – acknowledging the future benefits of a present that may seem disappointing (like the gloomy spring rain, but hey, it’s needed for a bountiful autumn harvest). But I admit, it isn’t easy to practice this emotional foresight in our everyday lives. We often find ourselves succumbing to despair when faced with obstacles, losing sight of the possibilities that lie ahead.

However, I have learned from experience that an optimistic outlook can be learned! Believe it or not, there are even courses we can go on to train ourselves to face daily challenges with a smile and embrace the Icelandic philosophy of “Petta reddast” (which roughly translates to “everything will work out”, or “everything will be okay in the end”). But you can still get the hang of it even without a life coach. Practising small daily exercises can help you see the “glass half full”, letting go of resisting fate and embracing change, finding the silver lining in whatever comes your way.

All you need to do is take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the little things. Add a splash of colour to your day, wear a radiant smile, perform an act of kindness, carve out a moment for yourself, or meditate on a positive thought. That’s what I do when I create. I imagine dressing you up in beauty and giving you a touch of lightness with every step. Because I truly believe that every step is a small journey forward. Can’t see your destination? Not to worry... simply enjoy the ride! And even if the way is filled with obstacles, remember that a flower can bloom from every crack in the ground. 🌸

And I’ll be there with you, every step of the way. Marco ❤️