Cold feet when it comes to romance?

Cold feet when it comes to romance? - Marco Moreo Milano

In this past week dedicated to love, I found myself observing people in love busy with their Valentine’s Day preparations or listening to the vocal musings of some sceptical singles. I realised that romance is not out of fashion, but that the way we men experience love has changed rather a lot.

We feel compelled to show ourselves to be freer, more independent, more like that “man who must never ask” from that famous ‘80s TV advert... because we are afraid to open up or show our vulnerability. And yet we still want to be appreciated, to impress the fairer sex, to behave like knights of old (at least, every now and then!). And when I look at women, I am convinced that, vice versa, they too must want to display their fragility from time to time. To find someone who will step aside to let them pass by, or hold a door open for them. To feel feminine without having to feel accused of being stereotyped.

That’s why with my collections I have always tried to leave room for freestyling, as it very much were! To allow those who choose to wear my models to feel simultaneously elegant and comfortable, and refined in a way that is not anachronistic.

And with these criteria in mind, for the new spring collection* I have dusted off more graceful shades, romantic details like straps, oversized bows, dreamy ruching and a heart decoration that is capable of expressing a faith in happiness without having to force or label it. It can be the joy of self-care, the enthusiasm of treating yourself to a gift, the wonder of discovering that you have someone to share a walk with. Let’s not stop at the 14th February. Let’s try to build and rebuild romance every day. One step at a time.