Freedom of expression… with every step!

Freedom of expression… with every step! - Marco Moreo Milano

Every Sunday morning, it’s the same old story. Freed from the constraint of having to dress professionally, I find myself standing in front of my wardrobe scratching my head, wondering what to wear. I can’t help but envy the days when there was such a thing as your “Sunday best”. But then I think about how much harder it must be for you ladies, with all the choices and decisions you have to make every day when it comes to your look.

It’s not just about picking a shirt colour or matching your trousers with your belt. You’ve got endless possibilities, among skirts, trousers, high heels, low heels, tone-on-tone or contrasting colours, solid colours or patterns... Not to mention hair styling (not a problem I have had for a while, alas! 😅), makeup that matches your manicure... And then there are the accessories to think about, the jewellery, the handbag. 👠💄🥿👗👛💅

The inner universe you have to express is so vast that you have even rightfully appropriated some items of clothing originally designed for us men.

Thinking about all this, I realise what inspires all my collections: your ability as women to make fashion fluid, to form your own feminine style (in the least stereotypical sense of the word), even starting from the most austere lace-ups or the most rigorous combat boots. At the same time, you can also make a playful nod to accessories that were imposed on you as little girls (like pumps, elasticated slip-ons, or fairytale decorations with hearts, stars, buckles or straps), reinterpreting them from an adult perspective. All I can do is try to help you to express your true selves every day, to feel romantic and dreamy, even without dressing in pink, or, on the contrary, to show how “down-to-earth” you are, even while wearing pastel-coloured shoes with bows, satin laces and sparkly decorations.

Deep down, I realise that from one season to another, all I have ever wanted to give you is one thing: the freedom to be yourself, whoever you want to be, and to show off that self with every step! And on this thought, I don a pair of jeans and a Sweatshirt and head out the door, satisfied, to enjoy my Sunday!