Generational leap?

Generational leap? - Marco Moreo Milano

Partly because it's my job, partly because I just can't help myself, I often find myself chatting away with amazing ladies, from colleagues and friends to acquaintances and random women I bump into at social gatherings. And let me tell you, these ladies are rocking some serious talents (and some have even turned it into a profession)! More often than not, they tell me they developed these skills as a sort of 'counterbalance' to a maternal figure endowed with opposite virtues. Now, picture this: one whips up gourmet meals like it's no big deal, despite growing up with a mum whose idea of cooking was microwaving a ready meal. Another has mastered the art of sewing, even though her own mum couldn't sew a button to save her life. Oh, and let's not forget the one who has become a top-notch surgeon, despite having a mum who would faint at the sight of a scraped knee. Other times, these skills and passions are inherited. They have been passed down from generation to generation, like a sort of imprinting. But you know what's more important than where you got your talents from? It's all about that inner fire, self-awareness, having the guts to blaze your own trail and the courage to pursue your dreams; even if it means stepping into arenas that were until recently considered ‘only for men’. As we celebrate International Women's Day this week, especially today (March 10th), which is the International Day of Women Judges, it feels right to give credit where it's due. For us men, the path ahead is often laid out pretty smoothly. But for the ladies? Well, they've been climbing mountains! And you know what's amazing? They've done it all without losing an ounce of their sparkle, elegance, femininity or fierceness.

That's why, as I always say, I'm proud to dress these incredible women and support them on their fabulous journeys to success!

Catch you next Sunday with more tricks… and tips!

Cheers, Marco