Let’s get to know ourselves again... in the mirror!

Let’s get to know ourselves again... in the mirror! - Marco Moreo Milano

It has always been so that a wrinkle for a man is just a wrinkle, while for a woman it represents an event, a moment of passage, a reason to question part of the certainties acquired in a lifetime.

Today, as I waited for my cappuccino at the bar I overheard a conversation between two girlfriends (Even put together, I doubt they reached my age!) and I discovered the latest anti-ageing trick for those who want an immediately younger look but do not want to resort to cosmetic surgery!

These are lifting-patches that can be purchased online. Proper “lifters” made of invisible patches that are applied to the sides of the face and elastics that pass through the hair, for an immediate lifting effect.

I admit that I’m not sure if I would use them. Not just because of my lack of hair, also because it has become clear to me that men and women have a different relationship with the passage of time.

But I asked myself: what harm does it do?
The concept isn’t so different from wearing high heels or large platform shoes to give yourself a few extra inches...

Almost my entire A/W collection is designed with this goal in mind: to make women feel “more...” (taller, more feminine, more comfortable, more chic)

So, all I have to say, dear readers, is that you are beautiful even if time passes, even if you are not as tall as the models on the catwalk, even if sometimes it seems to you that nothing in your wardrobe suits you or that something is always missing from your outfit...

Nothing is missing because your style is you.

But if every now and then some “trick” can help you better face the day, go for it! And I hope to be able to contribute with my ideas...