Never go without!

Never go without! - Marco Moreo Milano

Have you ever noticed how everyone has their own little rituals they practise or items they never go without, or else something just feels wrong? There’s the friend who won’t leave the house without makeup, the one who’s always dabbing on perfume, or the one who feels naked without their watch. It’s not about being obsessed; it’s more about those tiny touches of self-care that reassure us, making us feel oddly “complete”. Maybe they’re tied to memories of the past or the people who shared those moments with us.

Who hasn’t had an aunt who stuck to the same hairstyle forever and wouldn’t even answer the door without wearing lipstick? Or a grandpa who wouldn’t go buy the paper without his hat and tie?

Nowadays, with wardrobes bursting at the seams and aesthetic whims multiplying, it’s easier to switch up our look from day to day.
And yet, some underlying habits never change.

Even as I go from collection to collection, I’ve realised I want to give my customers the chance to refresh their style while still staying true to themselves, to the models they have loved, to the designs they have embraced and grown fond of. That’s why, in the new collection, you can reunite with Isla (rocking her oversized jewel-buckle) and rediscover Ilaria (super classic yet flaunting a new lightness).

You can welcome back Helen (after a two-year hiatus!) and fall in love all over again with Berenice (even more chic with a sprinkle of studs and satin laces) or with Poppy, in her signature version (still full of her usual grit!).

A melancholic reunion? Not at all! It’s simply a nod to the fact that we can choose to evolve while staying true to ourselves and feeling good in our own skin (and shoes!), even as our paths, routes and goals change. So, changing may be a sign of intelligence, but holding onto something from the past is a sign of depth and love for who we are and what we have learned, step by step.

It is my honour to accompany all of you season after season, and it’s one thing I just can’t go without!

Catch you later ❤️