New year’s resolutions?

New year’s resolutions? - Marco Moreo Milano

All week long, I’ve been seeing women’s magazine covers splattered with various methods to remedy the (physical) side effects of the festive season.
From the most unlikely diets to exotic gym classes to hugely expensive beauty treatments designed to get you “back in shape”.

I truly can’t understand how, after just a few “cheat” days, you women are forced to atone for so long, while we men simply loosen our belts a notch and wait for our (hectic) daily routine to work its magic on our waistlines too.

While we (men) are busy predicting who will win the football championships, it seems women are betting on how much weight they can lose, challenging each other to make that number inversely proportional to the duration of their self-inflicted “punishment”.

But what’s the harm in allowing yourselves a few slices of panettone in front of the Christmas tree? In skipping the gym (which is open 365 days a year, darn it!) for a bit of blissful laziness at home?

So what if the result is a couple extra pounds at the start of the new year?!
Go for a few more walks! But not with your mind focused on the merciless judgement of the scales!
Enjoy the walk, look around you, make it a moment for personal reflection, to collect your thoughts and make new plans!

For my part, all I can do is suggest the ideal “travel companion” to lighten your every step... Heidi! With her stretch fabric, which fits like a glove, and her wavy-profile (and non-slip!) platform made from a special, ultra-light and flexible rubber, you will feel like you’re walking on clouds...

Yes, even those of you who are always very down-to-earth!