Providential cold?

Providential cold? - Marco Moreo Milano

It cannot be denied: as we get to know each other better, it becomes clearer to me that you women have an eye for beauty, usefulness and positivity 💡even in situations that would normally throw us men into the depths of despair😭.

Some proof of this?

While I’m suffering through this cold season (at least in the Northern hemisphere 😉), complaining about the glacial temperatures that threaten to freeze my brain (my lack of hair doesn’t help! 😅) and layering up as if I have to scale the Andes just to go out and buy a newspaper at the newsagents downstairs, you find the courage to stoically flaunt your style in defiance of the polar freeze!

I saw many of you on New Year’s Eve admiring fireworks displays en plein air with your heads held high (and your skin exposed).

I’ve even discovered that increasing numbers of the fairer sex are willingly undergoing what is known as “cryotherapy” (or “cold therapy”).

For me, it is a true medieval torture, but for you, it is the latest trick to get back in shape, by immersing yourself in a cloud of liquid nitrogen (which can reach up to -130°C) for about 3 minutes... it can burn away up to 700 calories in every session, along with (I might add) your willpower🥶! 

So, it seems to make sense for me to propose models that are apparently “out of season”, like Esther and Alba, real “winter sandals”, for those of you brave enough to show off even at sub-zero temperatures!

But... I’ll allow you a thick sock 😉!