Trusting is an art!

Trusting is an art! - Marco Moreo Milano

We all have our little quirks: some people colour-code their wardrobe, some can’t read the newspaper without a coffee in hand, and some would never leave the house without tidying up first (I’ve heard women in my family say, “What if a burglar breaks in? What would they think?” 😆). I know people who wouldn’t let even a Michelin-starred chef into their kitchen, and others who just can’t help being back-seat driver. Basically, everyone has some small, practical aspect of their daily life they need to maintain control over to feel reassured and calm.

But, if you think about it, we actually entrust others with the most precious things in our lives: when we’re ill, we put our health in the hands of doctors; we share our children’s education with schools; we let accountants handle our finances; and we task lawyers with solving our legal issues. At the same time, we often aren’t fully aware of just how great an impact we can have in our own life and on our environment (both social and physical): doing an act of kindness that brightens someone’s day; being mindful of not wasting food, water and resources to minimise our environmental impact; practicing autogenic training to enjoy moments of relaxation and alleviate those small psychosomatic discomforts that have no clear physical cause. We are the architects of our own life, our destiny, our values, the paths we choose, and the roads we travel every day.

So maybe it’s worth learning to trust and delegate more, even when it comes to small things, and focus our energy on what truly matters. Becoming ourselves every day, step by step. Because there is no greater satisfaction than feeling positive emotions and creating fond memories. And to do that, you don’t need to have a perfectly organised shoe rack, but rather to take new steps every day in the right direction.