Welcome nuances!

Welcome nuances! - Marco Moreo Milano

It is often said that “In life, not everything is black and white”, and that in between opposites there is a whole palette of intermediate shades that we must learn to appreciate and handle.

This maxim (valid in all areas of life, from the weather to the wardrobe to personal relationships) has never seemed truer to me than right now, when the weather is so changeable. Life is going through a phase of seasonal transition, and work is experiencing a phase of “limbo” between taking pride in the spring-summer collection just launched and the excitement of new projects coming up next autumn!

So, I ask myself: is it really true that “the transitional seasons no longer exist”? Perhaps it is, regardless of the effects of global warming.

Everything that leaves us hanging, that puts us on hold, that (perhaps) makes us feel insecure, could actually be a precious moment to pause, an opportunity for reflection and preparation for the future.

Instead of living through these phases with anxiety and fear, we should enjoy these “intermediate” periods, appreciating their daily surprises and living them to the full in all their shades and nuances... I know, they are always easy to manage and must be combined attentively (a bit like the furnishings in a house or the accessories in an outfit). I always try to do this when I design my models. Whether or not I succeed, I will let you be the judge of that... in my eyes, you are a rainbow of colours, inside and out!