#backstage no.11 / A chatbot that isn’t a chatbot

#backstage no.11 / A chatbot that isn’t a chatbot - Marco Moreo Milano

With the development of artificial intelligence (or AI), the temptation can be strong: immediate responses, and at a lower cost too.

What am I talking about? Automatic assistants (chatbots, to be specific) that deal with customer service – managing the countless needs of customers who have bought one (or more! 😊) pairs of MarcoMoreo shoes, or those who would like to, or even those who are just looking for some information.

Our chatbot is called Fabiana, she deals with customer service and – most importantly! – she isn’t a chatbot!

Yes, Fabiana is a real person: because if it’s important to create stunning designs, maintain prompt production times and manage orders efficiently, it’s even more important to personally follow up with those who have chosen to walk in MarcoMoreo shoes.

That’s right, I said personally… Customer care cannot be entrusted to a machine – there’s no AI that holds up, as far as I’m concerned!

Providing tailored responses, taking charge of any problems, empathising with those writing, perhaps from the other side of the world. This is what Fabiana does every day with enthusiasm and a dash of patience – sometimes it’s needed. ;)

And it’s precisely talking with the whole world that she enjoys the most. It gives her that incredible energy, as well as the ability to always be there – while still respecting normal human hours.

Much better than a chatbot, don’t you agree?!