#backstage no.8 / From design concept to reality

#backstage no.8 / From design concept to reality - Marco Moreo Milano

You may have designed the most creative, most beautiful shoe in the world, but if Fausto doesn’t give you the go-ahead, it’s back to the drawing board... 

Fausto is our Production Manager. He is also the person who transforms our sketches into the first prototypes. He is the man who takes your drawing and deconstructs it on the fly, recognising the key points of a new project: the shape, sole, stitching, fastenings, fit... in short, everything! 

[Fortunately, there are times when everything goes smoothly, and Fausto doesn’t have to take anything apart.]

It is always such an exciting moment when the prototype of a new model arrives on your desk. It is as if your ideas have not only taken shape but have finally burst into life, with materials you can touch and physical details you can admire in 3D.

Fausto is also in charge of coordinating all the production times - a task that in the digital age has become increasingly complex.

In fact, while in the past the Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer Collections were essentially produced twice a year, they are now distributed over a longer period of time, because our launches are more frequent – the internet never sleeps!

Only a true warrior like Fausto can keep up with the endless to-do list, the range of processes, ordering the various materials, and managing all the machinery, as well as our artisans, for the most exclusive processes...

After all, he’s been doing this job for a lifetime. Indeed: this job IS his life.