Colour etiquette?

Colour etiquette? - Marco Moreo Milano

Every now and then I fall into the trap of leaving the TV on in the background on my Sunday mornings... I happen to come across those lifestyle programmes that give advice on this and that topic. And partly out of personal curiosity and partly out of professional development (call it an occupational hazard!), I keep an ear out to listen to the many unwritten rules and regulations that govern the world of fashion. One fundamental focus is on colours: no white clothing at (other people’s) weddings nor red at graduations; pastel colours and floral patterns during the day and darker colours in the evening; grey to convey professionalism and reliability, navy blue as a versatile display of timeless elegance.

In fact, there is a whole etiquette underlying colour. A sort of unwritten guide to “colour fashion” that relates to not only what you wear but also how you furnish your home or paint your walls, how you set the table, and even what you eat and drink!

The main recipients of this diktat are women, to whom personal stylists also give advice on make-up colours or the best shade of hair dye.

The aim? To enhance your figure, to look your best in the eyes of the world, to be “appropriate” for every context, to navigate society with ease without appearing anachronistic or eccentric... 🤪

When designing the new collection, I considered colour also as an emotion, a form of self-expression, a non-verbal language, a beacon through which to communicate an inner state or a detail of your personality. A means of feeling free. Instead of relying on surveys, I asked myself (and I asked you!) what you like, what you would like to communicate about yourselves, how I can help you express who you are and feel happy doing so.

You are all different, multifaceted, multitasking... and to do justice to these characteristics of yours I have created a colour palette capable of reflecting each and every one: Jilly and Camilla, with their tone-on-tone heart decoration for the romantics; Margil for those who have a playful spirit but want to maintain an air of classicism; Kay, Phoebe, Sheena and Julie for those who want to squash stereotypes (does femininity really have to be uncomfortable?🤔); and Poppy in her animalier print for those who are not afraid to go bold with a gritty look...

In short, I’ve done everything I can to bring colour to your every step!
Come and choose what colour you want to step into on our website!

My best and most colourful wishes! 🌈