MarcoMoreo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Oil originates from the olive groves lying a short distance from our headquarters (in Montecosaro, in the region of Le Marche). Golden in colour, releases an aroma infused with all the traditional craftsmanship from our area. 



Precise, clean, black:

Our logo takes centre stage amid the new MarcoMoreo limited edition T-shirts. Perfect for perfect outfits.

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Flower Power!

We’ve taken our inspiration from flowers in naming our bags: a mini-collection of versatile models, ready to follow you everywhere, with your whole world inside.

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MarcoMoreo Gift Card

MarcoMoreo Gift Card
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Where a MarcoMoreo was born!


We mean the real one, this gentleman in the photo.That’s right–the Brand takes his name (and surname). He’s a talker, and he tells us a little bit about himself here.

You can know Marco!


We spent the 2020 lockdown travelling through Italy in our imaginations, with a newsletter for every stop. Now you can find them all here in an idyllic journey full of art, nature, food, one on one with Marco.

You can travel with Marco!


Find out more about our world by checking out some of the Brand’s most iconic photos: a story told through images of the most MarcoMoreo styles ever. An Italian landscape, and another peek into our lives!

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If you have any doubts, the Size chart (the black button under the name of each model) has a converter for European, UK and USA sizes.

And if you want to be even more sure, you can measure your foot: the Size chart has all the instructions, and all you need is a piece of paper and a ruler.

In a sense, yes! Each Collection presents our carryovers – the styles that are always favorites and most requested – but interpreted in a brand-new way: the style doesn’t change, but the materials, combinations and applications do. 

So if you absolutely adore something, make sure to get it now because, after all, it’s basically a limited edition.

This is the easiest answer: worldwide! ;)

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In general, our policy is to avoid making you have to pay additional costs beyond the shipping, of course while complying with local regulations that can change and which we try to transpose as quickly as possible. 

Preorder: you can preorder and purchase our best sellers even if they are not available when you order them: they will be made specifically for you and arrive at your home in a few weeks or so.

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