Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors - Marco Moreo Milano

“What if…?”

I often find myself asking this, and I bet you do too. It’s like a mental workout, stretching my imagination, picturing how my life might be if I could reweave its fabric, making the right choice at every crossroads, giving the perfect answer to every question, and dodging all those pesky obstacles that have delayed my journey towards my goals.

But then I wonder: is there really a better answer, a more suitable path, an easier route? Could it be that it is precisely thanks to all those difficult choices and accidents along the way that I have ended up right here, right now? Would I truly want to be anywhere else? Would I really be happier in different shoes (still my own design, though, of course!)? Perhaps... But in the end, this is exactly where the beauty lies: in the countless possible paths, the many journeys taken, and all the trails yet to explore. Each of us at our own pace, finding our own “stride”. And even if the journey to our goal ends up taking a bit longer, isn’t it worth pausing to enjoy the scenery? Maybe it’s all about learning the right lesson from every choice, understanding the meaning of each path, and looking back with appreciation, not with sadness or regret. And when we feel a bit scared, let’s try revisiting those familiar roads with a new awareness. I draw inspiration from the Ancient Greek philosophy that “All things flow, nothing abides”, both in life and in my new collections!

Walk with me!