#6 / How lovely to stroll along the “calli”

#6 / How lovely to stroll along the “calli”

In addition to being an imaginary journey, A Walk with Marco is also a stroll through the company. Or rather: among the people who live and work in the MarcoMoreo group - many of them long-standing employees.

Apart from Jenny, my right-arm woman, we have Fausto, our Production Manager, and the young Carolina. As well as Ramona, Federica, Claudia, Elisa, Emma, Gaia… and many others, all of them doing their bit for a company that is like a big family.

Do you want to meet us? Come on, wear a virtual pair of MarcoMoreo and let’s start!

Today I’m taking you to Venice, perhaps one of the most famous cities in the world. Have you ever been there? Maybe you have, but you might not have had Italian traveling companions like us: this is Federica, who works in the design department at MarcoMoreo.

Today she’s coming with us to Venice, her favorite city, because it’s the most romantic. And Federica sees herself as a very romantic person: the perfect guide for our tour then. 

How lovely to stroll along the calli. Venice has unique names for its "streets" that aren’t used anywhere else in Italy: a calle is a street; a rio is an alley built over a covered canal; campo and campiello are squares and little squares; the fondamenta are streets that run parallel to water.

Another Venetian specialty is tramezzini. Now well-known around the world, these sandwiches were first created in Turin but have become famous for their characteristic rounded shape (they are filled beyond belief). Made strictly with soft, crustless bread, they are the ideal accompaniment to an ombra de vin, as Venetians call a small glass of wine.

Every bar (known here as bàcaro) has its own recipes, but the classic sandwiches are with tuna, boiled egg or ham, but also local ingredients such as radicchio trevisano (a bitter red salad named after Treviso, another beautiful town a few kilometers from here). We’ll take you there some day, you’ll see.

What do you say, is it time to enjoy a sandwich, at least in our imagination?

See you soon for another stop on our imaginary journey.


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