The MarcoMoreo shoe is Made in Italy in a literal sense: the concept of each piece is born in Italy, it is designed in Milan, the international capital of fashion and style, and produced in Montecosaro, in the Marche, in the heart of the footwear district. It is Italian in its essence and in its totality, from the idea to the realization. 

Being Made in Italy also means extreme production flexibility: the market today requires increasingly topicality, a quick response to restocking, to small changes that meet the needs of a constantly evolving taste.

Compared to the past, today the productive approach is more streamlined, fluid, expression of a more exciting and compelling way to create. Beyond collection launches and seasonality, the market requires continuous updates: creativity is in constant evolution, with the incessant search for a personal interpretation of the most current trend.

All this is possible thanks to the productive flexibility of the Marche handicraft supply chain, also capable of limited restocking and changes to some details.