#77 / Do you know Torcello?
At sunset, when the last water bus leaves, silence returns. The sun gives everything a red tinge, a warm light tempered by the humidity – as if the air had become solid. The cathedral is even more beautiful at this...
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#76 / Remember the Tremiti Islands?
It was July 2020 and, especially for #awalkwithMarco, I was embarking on my first real trip after the lockdown that spring. Choosing the Tremiti Islands was a brilliant idea: not too crowded, blossoming with nature, a relaxed atmosphere and an...
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#75 / Carloforte is not an island
Let’s take a trip together to Carloforte, the town where time stands still: shops and alleyways, bars and outdoor seating... all suspended, as though still existing in the 1960s, at once real and with the air of a fairy tale....
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