#awalkwithMarco - Thousand-Year-Old Trees
Undaunted, let’s continue our imaginary strolls in spite of variants with Greek letters and various flavours of pessimism. Don’t lose heart! Come on, let’s go wandering again this Sunday. [And if you’re not wearing a pair of MarcoMoreo shoes, never...
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#awalkwithMarco in Conero
Have you been missing our imaginary walks? I have, which is why I’ve decided to take a few more trips.  Here I am again for a Fall version of #awalkwithMarco! I want to show you the places where I live...
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#awalkwithMarco in Gargano
As we continue to wander around Italy, we’re traveling up the Adriatic coast. Today we’re touring the Gargano area and visiting Vieste. Ready? Let’s go! If you look at a map of Italy, you'll see that it is shaped like...
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