#awalkwithMarco in Roma
Continuing on our imaginary walk, let’s take a stroll around the center of Rome wearing a virtual pair of MarcoMoreo! Can you hear them? Our steps echo on the cobbled streets of Italy’s capital city. In Rome, cobblestones are known...
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#awalkwithMarco in Como
After Varese, #awalkwithMarco was again lucky enough to enjoy a real, live location today: in fact, we went to Como for the second shooting of the Collection. The Lake and its languid atmosphere offer a setting that not only has...
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#awalkwithMarco in Urbino - 2
Although we have left 2020 behind us for good, we’re still dealing with lockdowns and quarantines. That’s why I believe that travelling with your imagination is a good idea. Maybe this is the reason #awalkwithMarco has been met with such...
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