#backstage n.1 / Commuting, or a day in my life

#backstage n.1 / Commuting, or a day in my life - Marco Moreo Milano

Welcome to #backstage, the newsletter that takes you behind the scenes of my work. But as I love to chat, it’s much more than that – it’s a journey through my anecdotes, memories, encounters. And it’s a way to meet the people who work with me – some have joined quite recently but many others have been here for a long time. People without whom “MarcoMoreo” would just be a name. My name.

#backstage n.1 / Commuting, or a day in my life

Tomorrow, I’m heading to Montecosaro, in the Marche region. I’m driving, as usual: my schedule rarely matches up with train timetables, and most of the time, I have to take a thousand things with me: shoe prototypes, of course. But also accessories, various samples, materials, books, all kinds of tools... Everything helps to build inspiration! 

Our company has two locations - one in Milan and the other in the Marche region - and I go between the two often. Actually, very often. ;)

I decided to stay in Milan because I love the influence of the fashion capital. Just taking four steps on an ordinary day gives me a lot of ideas, big and small... I take a thousand photos on my phone: a window display, a shop, a woman’s outfit at some traffic lights, the wallpaper of a café – colours, combinations, shapes, moods... everything can stimulate me, infect me. But I’ve already said that.

Recently, I’ve been travelling to the Marche every week – we have a lot to do, so my walks in Milan will have to wait for a bit.

Every trip has its little rituals, on both legs of the journey: radio tuned to the News, the same rest stop, the phone calls that keep me company (often work-related but they still keep me company). I’m the archetypal workaholic who doesn’t realise it.

But let’s get back to tomorrow. I’m expected in Production for three packed days. We’re finalizing the first sketches of the new Collection, the one you’ll be wearing a year from now.

My first meeting will be with Eros and Jenny, my “right” " and “left” hands. It’s not clear which is which – let’s just say that without them, I would be in trouble.

Then I’ll see Fausto, and Lucia, and Valeria, and Emma, and Sara... So you see, I actually have a lot of hands and arms, and eyes and legs!

You’ll get to “meet” them all, on this #backstage journey.

Ciao ♥️