#backstage no.12 / Hawk-eyed scrutiny

#backstage no.12 / Hawk-eyed scrutiny - Marco Moreo Milano

Today, let’s talk about quality control: a thorny topic, considering a shoe can consist of over 40 individual parts...

We always pay close attention to every stage of the production process, but sometimes something can slip through: a coating with a tiny imperfection, a missed stitch, a slightly smudged print... I’ll stop there before I start to feel queasy. ;)

But we have a super ace up our sleeve!

I’m talking about our hawk-eyed Emma. There is no micro-imperfection that can escape her! When she spots one, she starts mumbling, shining her desk light on the suspicious shoe, moving it closer, moving it away, tilting it one way and the other...

Sometimes it might simply be an optical illusion or a reflection. Other times, the defect is indeed there, and that mumbling becomes a call: Faaauuustooo!

Instead of calling one of his colleagues, Fausto himself arrives like a whirlwind, unleashing a myriad tools and starting to pull, sew, heat, touch up...

Only after a makeover that may last from a few minutes to a couple of days can the shoe return to Emma’s table, where she gives it the green light: yes, now the shoe is ready to go!

But sometimes Emma isn’t around: after all, she does have a life outside shoes too... 😉

And do you know who replaces her, armed with glasses and shining lights? Yes, none other than our very own Fausto!

Ciao 😊