#backstage no.6 / Long live youth!

#backstage no.6 / Long live youth! - Marco Moreo Milano

Our Instagram and Facebook profiles are more than just commercial channels. They are a way for us to get to know each other better, to chat, to interact.

They are also a source of inspiration for how to style our designs: a loafer can pair perfectly with skinny jeans but also with pinstripe palazzo trousers. Our platforms – which are super comfortable because there is no height difference between the toe and the heel - can similarly complement a more feminine feel or, conversely, more casual and informal vibes: it’s all about the outfit!

But who deserves the credit for all of this? Who chooses how to style our shoes during photoshoot sessions for our website and social media profiles?

Carolina is one of the youngest talents working at MarcoMoreo. In terms of age, that is – she has actually been with us for a few years now. She is super organized, creative, and always cheerful and positive. 

Carolina comes from the world of fashion, and she has a special eye for the latest fads and trends. When we organise photoshoots, she’s our stylist, the person who decides which outfits to pair with the various models we photograph.

I’d give anything to have such a fantastic job – you might be thinking – and I’m right there with you! Especially because I love seeing “my” shoes come off the shelf (whether it’s real or digital) and step into real life: peeking out from under a pair of pants, walking along a pavement, running between one errand and another, worn by different women, each with her own style...

Sometimes I think Carolina could be my long-lost daughter – age-wise, it adds up. Well, perhaps not, but I’m certainly incredibly proud of her!