Carpe Diem!

Carpe Diem! - Marco Moreo Milano

The calm after the storm. It’s not merely a metaphor to describe a Sunday morning after a hectic week. I’m talking about the literal (and meteorological) meaning of the expression – finally, after days of rain, the sun is shining!

Allow me to set the scene: you wake up to find that the sky has made peace with the earth, and the world has shed its grey blanket to reveal itself once again in all its beauty. Spring has returned!

And how can we not make the most of it (right away!), to go out, move around and smile? Happiness is in the little things... like having a leisurely breakfast enjoying your favourite pastry or slipping into a comfy pair of shoes; like soaking in the sunlight on a few inches of skin, admiring the colours of nature, or marvelling at the first buds on the trees.

So, seize the day! Spring turns us into children again, making us dream, making us lighter.

I’ve been thinking – the shoes I design for you (all year round, but particularly in this new season) are like a spring you can wear! A spring you can slip into in an instant (I’m thinking of slip-ons like Carrie, Heidi, Jilly, and Ilaria) and hold onto tightly while it lasts (like the lace-ups Camilla and Alison). We give them a warm welcome every time they return, always different but always with the same character (like the loafers available in every collection), and indulge their desire to show their soul beneath the surface... So, carpe diem! Let’s seize this moment and embrace this new season of light with gusto!