Creativity is a team effort!

Creativity is a team effort! - Marco Moreo Milano

Being creative is no mean feat. It takes dedication, reflection, research, commitment and the ability to compromise between your preferences and the interests of others, without slipping into imitation or pushing the envelope so far that creativity becomes mere provocation. It’s a tough job!
I often think about this when I start imagining designs to include in a new collection. I review what was popular in past seasons and think about what innovative ideas I can bring to the table while still staying true to my own style and meeting the expectations of those of you who have walked with me for quite some time now.

I consider where I can draw the line between comfortable continuity and the need for change, and I ask myself how much of what I personally like will also be appreciated by those who I’m designing for 💭.
Because creating something to wear comes with responsibilities. It’s not like producing a piece of artwork, because a shoe or an item of clothing is something “intimate” that reflects the personality and mood of the wearer. It must therefore be made with thought, heart, empathy, and the ability to imagine yourself “in someone else’s shoes”.
To avoid succumbing to “performance anxiety”, I remind myself that human emotions are like colours 🎨 or like ingredients in the kitchen 🍳: just a few basic ones are all you need to create endless combinations and results. So, it seems to me that the best way to represent them (whether in a painting, an item of clothing, an object or a shoe) is to look inside yourself and translate what you find there into a material reality, leaving it to the recipient of the creative piece to interpret and personalise your work with their own touch/approach.

So, I’ve come to the realisation that the key to doing a good job is “surrendering” to the inspiration of the moment, translating what I find inside me into something tangible in the most discreet and least intrusive way possible, so that everyone can find in each collection those “primary” elements that they can use to build infinite looks. And in doing this, I am reminded that I am very fortunate: unlike many great artists who have to rely only on their own genius (or the expectations of a patron), I have a whole team of people I can turn to discuss and exchange ideas with every day. The act of creation therefore becomes an opportunity for dialogue, the result of which contains much of me, much of my team, and hopefully something of those who will choose and wear our designs. The result 🎯? You’re never alone, and there’s always someone who will accompany you on every journey, step by step. 👠👢🥿
Long live creativity, and my own creative performance anxiety, because it is what unites us and allows us to walk together!
Marco ❤️