Dress to impress… yourself!

Dress to impress… yourself! - Marco Moreo Milano

Sunday morning is my go-to time for some serious self-reflection. Free from the weekday frenzy, I can actually take the time to notice things I usually rush past, mindless and distracted. So, this Sunday, I found myself fixating on something quite unexpected: my pyjamas. Well, not just mine, but pyjamas in general – an often overlooked and underappreciated piece of clothing amid our dazzling wardrobes.

We all (or most of us, at least!) wear them, but we rarely give them the spotlight. We’re more concerned with what we wear in front of others than how we feel “in our own skin”. You know, those outfits that are exclusively ours, the ones we put on just for ourselves or maybe share with the ones who live (and sleep) around us.

That’s precisely why pyjamas say so much about us. They reveal our true selves when we shed our “public persona” and retreat into our most personal space.

Now, while we men have fairly limited options (long or short, with buttons or without), for you women the possibilities are endless. Depending on your personality and skill at “temperature regulation” (🤣), you can choose from various options. You have the comfy all-in-one in warm flannel, soft fleece or cool cotton that leaves just a few inches of skin exposed. Then there’s the seductive silk babydoll, which leaves little to the imagination. Some even seek out innovative materials like bamboo (known for its antibacterial properties and sustainability) to satisfy their inner eco-warrior, even in the dead of night.

As a shoe designer, I’ve realized that my footwear also aims to embrace the concept of “dressing for yourself” before anyone else.
So, whether you go for a winter sandal like Ester, a super-light and flexible slip-on like Heidi, an ankle-boot or a high boot that caresses your feet like Jessie and Karin, a romantic loafer like Clara, or a Signature model with an edgy look… do it for yourselves.
Feel comfortable, align with your inner selves, and be your fabulous selves with every step. After all, comfort is always the best accessory, no matter what you’re wearing or wherever you are. (But when you’re at home, don’t forget to kick off those shoes!)