Lazy hazy April (?)

Lazy hazy April (?) - Marco Moreo Milano

It might sound like a paradox, but just as the days get longer and nature awakens, all I want to do is sink into a blissful slumber. It’s like that old Italian saying ‘Aprile dolce dormire’ (Sweet sleepy April) halfway between an invitation to springtime relaxation and a scolding for the laziness induced by the change in season.

But hey, let’s not worry too much! This effect of spring is only temporary, and there are some tricks we can use to help our bodies bounce back. Eat better, drink more, hit the hay early and do some exercise. I was particularly pleased to discover that leisurely strolls are a great ally against the ‘spring blues’ because they relax you, revive your metabolism, boost your mood and make you appreciate the renewed beauty of your surroundings even more.

Any time works, even lunch breaks. Just slip on​ the right shoe (like Berenice),
perfect for an office look yet comfy enough to wander away from the desk with ease.

And to fend off the lazy weekend feel? You need a failsafe option that invites you to move without overthinking it. A slip-on you can throw on in a flash (like Heidi) or a sneaker (like Crystalthat makes every step effortless. And if you need an extra energy boost, don't underestimate the power of colours and patterns that instantly uplift your mood.

So, even though springtime sleepiness still beckons me, I’m thrilled to help women feel more energetic and in tune with the renewed vitality of the surrounding world when they slip into my creations!

Happy strolling and enjoy the spring🌸!​