#27 / A NEW LEASE OF LIFE FOR SPAGHETTI - Marco Moreo Milano
Leftovers, reusing, recycling: words steeped in sustainability that are the perfect pairing for this installment of #forkEdition. Do you ever find yourself with leftover spaghetti staring at you every time you open the fridge? Well, fear not! We have a...
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#24 / MARCO AND MACCO - Marco Moreo Milano
When I was child and people asked me my name, I would answer “Macco!” – I couldn’t pronounce the two consonants together, so the R always disappeared. For a long time, my family continued to call me “Macco”. Much later, during...
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#16 / A LUNCH AT HIGH ALTITUDE - Marco Moreo Milano
[We have a wander around Italy on the hunt for the most typical dishes of our heritage. Which you can also replicate at home, if you fancy. That’s right, because we’re also going to give you the recipe!] _ I’m...
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